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Sports Person of the Week - Beau Jordan

The goal of every college baseball player is to get to OMAHA. Barbe alum, Beau Jordan and the LSU tigers accomplished that this season.

“It was a great opportunity, like you said it wasn’t what we planned on achieving, but I am very proud of this team and what we were able to accomplish. We started off rough and being able to finish in the top two teams in the country its really great and it was a fun ride,” Said Jordan.

Jordan battled his way into the starting lineup this season posting a .268 batting average along with 29 RBIs and 4 home runs-- the most memorable of which, the game during the college world series.  

“Man that was awesome, I’ll never forget that moment,” Jordan said. “Just running around the bases, you feel like you’re floating. That’s something I’ll never forget.”

The trip to Omaha capped off a magical 2017 for the Bayou Bengals that saw them win 22 of their last 24 games heading into the national title series. The fan support in Omaha showed why it's affectionately called, "Alex Box North."

“The game started at 7 so the gates opened at 5 O’clock and at 5 O’clock you could just see a purple wave just roll into the outfield. I was like you got to be kidding me. It was almost like a home game for us. It’s really special when you have that kind of support behind you and it made us want it a little more. I guess that’s why we felt a little worse when we didn’t make it, but that’s just part of the game.”  

Jordan returns for his senior season in 2018, and will be aiming for a different outcome. Along for the ride will once again be his twin brother Bryce, as he battles back from his season-ending knee injury. 

“This wasn’t the first time I’ve gotten to play with him not being there, but it was weird and it was different. Coming next year this is our last year together and after that who knows what’s going to happen its time winding down.”

As time goes on, it’s important to look back to where it all started. And to become the player Beau Jordan is today, he’s continuously does just that.

“I think you got to give props to that program, like Barbe. I mean I wouldn’t be the player I today without that High School. Huge shout out to Coach Cecchini and his staff who develop players like no other and they get you ready for that next level.” 

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