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Residents complain of flooding at Belle Savanne homes in Sulphur


Heavy downpours caused trouble for many across Southwest Louisiana Thursday morning. The Sulphur area was one of the hardest hit, with several streets flooded.

Residents of the fairly new subdivision of houses, The Belle Savanne, are confused as to why almost every time it rains, the streets are left flooded, since the houses were recently developed.

Scotty Moring and his family moved to their home in Belle Savanne back in December 2016. He said if they knew about the constant flooding, he would've kept looking for a home. 

"It's not something you want to see when you purchase a very expensive home," said Moring. "Me and my neighbors invested in this place because this is where we wanted to live. This is where we wanted to grow our families."

Moring said he and his neighbors have reached out to the developer and their local officials about fixing the drainage problem, but says he's gotten the runaround. 

"Everybody is pointing the finger at everybody, while in the midst of everything we the homeowners who own these homes are stuck with no answers," said Moring. 

Homeowners like Danny Stephens, who moved there in August 2016, say even though they aren't in a flood zone, everyone should get flood insurance. 

"There is no doubt even with a Category 1 hurricane we're going to have flooding in these houses," said Stephens. "If you don't have flood insurance, buy it. Even though it's not required, you need to buy it."

Sandbags have also become the norm for some residents, who aren't taking any chances. 

"We don't need hurricanes to sandbag - we got to get ready to sandbag when it rains, and that's not how we should be living here," said Moring.

The developer of Belle Savanne issued a statement today regarding the complaints:

"We have spoken to members of our Homeowners Association in Belle Savanne, who reported the neighborhood had water in the streets, but no homes took on water. We are grateful for that and feel for those less fortunate in yesterday’s storm, which also did damage in the Carencro area.

We have recently had several intense rainfalls in South Louisiana - more than 6 inches fell in the Sulphur area in a relatively short period of time. No public drainage systems is designed to easily handle that intense of a storm, but newer subdivisions like Belle Savanne have been designed with a much higher capacity than older subdivisions.

The pond at Belle Savanne did its job, which is to hold, or retain, as much water as it can to both help our neighborhood and also not make flooding worse for our downstream neighbors.  

Because we are continuing to develop communities in the area, we have plans to add a second pond with a second outfall, which will increase the overall capacity of the area.  

We understand the frustration that people feel after a storm like this—members of the Southern Lifestyle Development family were effected by last August’s flooding in Lafayette. We take pride in the quality of our engineering and design. And because we build communities for the long-term, we are always interested in looking for real solutions."

There will be a meeting June 20 at the Sulphur Library on Cypress Street regarding the drainage issues in that area. 

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