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Entergy to build new plant in Westlake

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Entergy is making a new addition to its Nelson Plant - a new power station is expected to be built by 2020.

Dubbed the Lake Charles Power Station, this state-of-the-art plant is being built to manage the large flux of people moving into Southwest Louisiana.

"Right now, Lake Charles is one of the fastest growing regions in the State of Louisiana," said Ron Childress, Entergy customer service representative. "What comes with that is the large commercial, the retail, housing and grocery stores - we have to account for that load."

Construction for the plant is expected to begin this coming August. Entergy said close to 700 workers will be here over the three years to construct the plant.

"30 jobs, permanent jobs, will also be created," Childress said.

Entergy said the cost of the plant is a bit over $870 million. Despite that large number, Entergy was able to save money on construction costs.

"We already have the transition lines, we have the pipelines needed for the gas, we already have the property and all that," Childress said. "All of that helped to reduce the overall cost to build this plant."

Compared to its current units, Entergy said its new plant will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent.

"It's efficient," said Childress. "Some of the emission controls on it are going to help reduce emissions, just because some of the equipment wasn't available when those other plants were built."

Over the 30-year lifespan of this new plant, Entergy said it'll save its customers between $1.3 and $2 billion dollars. Entergy could not give KPLC an answer when asked how much the average family might save per year when the new plant is operational.

Entergy said customers will see a $2 increase on monthly bills during the first year of the plant's life. Entergy said this cost would go down over time.

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