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Local AAU Track Team The Duck-Squad Heading to Junior Olympics

A local AAU track team has eight local kids that recently qualified for the Junior Olympics in Detroit, Michigan. They call themselves, "The Duck-Squad.”

Head Coach Wilbert Landry is the founder of The Duck-Squad and this year they had 12 athletes on their team.

To qualify for the Junior Olympics, you must finish in the top six at the regional track meet in Covington, Louisiana. The Duck-Squad had eight kids finish top six in their respective events.

The Duck-Squad has been training very hard in order to make it this far. The team has one six-year-old, Da’Leya Bates, who will participate in the Junior Olympics. She is their youngest to qualify.

“During practice, we send them through a series of drills. We teach them the right way to sprint. We’re very heavy on technique. We’re not going to ask them just to run, we’re going to show them how to run.” said Landry. “I think these athletes are very ready to compete at the next level, the reason why I say that is just to make it out of regionals, you did something. You are an Olympian.”

Eight kids qualified, but only seven will attend the Junior Olympics.

The list of qualifiers is below.

Da'Leya Bates- (6 years old)

400 meter

Payton Richard- (8 years old)

100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter

Lakeyn Lee- (8 years old)

800 meters, 400 meters, alt in 200

Kenny Guy- (10 years old)

80 meter hurdles

Harmyne Smith- (11 years old)

1500 meter, 800 meter

Joshua Smith- (11 years old)

Long Jump 

Larry Lee- (16 years old)

Long Jump-alt

The team is looking for sponsorship on their journey to the Junior Olympics, you can find their GoFundMe page here.


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