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SPECIAL REPORT: Louisiana Unclaimed Property

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Millions of dollars are sitting in a Louisiana database waiting to be claimed. And there's a chance that money belongs to you.

The money, part of the State Treasurer's unclaimed property database, comes from third parties like former employers, banks and other companies.

Those agencies are required to give unclaimed money to the state after a certain period of time.

It's easy to find. You just have to claim it.

In Calcasieu Parish alone, $18 million dollars is just waiting to be claimed.

Theresa Guidroz of Lake Charles found some.

"I found it for my mother," said Guidroz. "My nephew was looking on the website and sent me an email saying, 'Hey, maw maw has some money and you need to look into it.' I think it's only $25, but it's money that she didn't have before so I'm glad he was looking on the website."

And her mother's reaction?

"Oh, she was always happy to have a little extra money, like most people,” said Guidroz.

However, most people don't think about or know how to search for money they may have left behind years ago.

Hortensia Vincent of Lake Charles is one of those people.

“Sometimes I've paid utility deposits and things like that but I've never thought about it. How do I find out?” Vincent said.

That’s a good question. And as we showed Ms. Vincent, it's easy.

Just search "unclaimed property or unclaimed cash Louisiana." The Louisiana Department of Treasury site will pop up. Then, just enter your name, city and zip code. If it's a match, you've got cash!

Unfortunately, Hortensia Vincent didn't have any property to claim. But she encourages others to give it a try.

"Other people should do it. They can find out if they have some unexpected money, and they can go shopping," said Vincent.

Again, you can search Louisiana unclaimed property online, or call the Louisiana Department of Treasury and they'll perform a search for you.

If you have unclaimed property and make a claim, you'll have to include positive proof of ownership, usually in the form of a social security number or address verification.

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