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(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)

(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)

Traffic control needed for busy intersection; resident: 'We see a wreck every weekend'

(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC) (Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)

For Lake Charles resident Marcus Hargrove his free time is spent on his front porch, but he said for as long as he's lived there, there has been a reoccurring issue.

"We see a wreck every weekend or every other day over here," Hargrove said. 

On Monday, June 26, the Lake Charles City Council met with this agenda item: 

24. 213-17: A resolution to the State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, requesting consideration of a traffic control upgrade at the intersection of South Shattuck Street (200 block) and the I-10 Service Road (Church St.) due to numerous traffic accidents. Sponsors: Luvertha August

Click HERE to view agenda. 

Hargrove said the biggest problem on the intersection of the 200 block of South Shattuck Street and the 1-10 Service Road (Church Road) is the location of the stop sign off the feeder road that seems to be ignored by drivers according to residents. 

"The ones that are coming off the bridge don't have to stop, but the ones coming down the feeder road have to stop," he explained. 

And just down the road at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Deacon Joel Williams said the lack of view for drivers attempting to cross the busy intersection causes some of the drivers to, "get out too far in the street to see what's coming."

Hargrove said the issue raises concerns for the residential area where children and adults alike enjoy being outside.

"The last wreck, the lady's car ended up on his steps," he said pointing to his neighbor's yard. "The other one ended up on the telephone poll."

He said he's hoping tonight's city council meeting will result in a solution.

"What I would like to see is a caution light or red light here, at the foot of this bridge and let the people know you have to stop at this corner."

The Lake Charles Police Department said in 2016, six accidents took place in the year. So far, this year, five accidents have occurred in the intersection. 

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