Navy veteran now serving at LC Memorial Hospital

Navy veteran now serving at LC Memorial Hospital
Source: Danette Null

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A DeRidder native is now using the skills she learned in the military to help others here in Lake Charles.
Dr. Danette Null initially did not want to be in the military.  But when she was offered a scholarship by the Navy to enter medical school, she took it.

"When you first get started and try to find out how to do things the military way, march and all the protocols, that's a little bit difficult because I wasn't used to that. It was fun. Lots of camaraderie. You just step right into a family. I got to go to a lot of places I wouldn't have gone to otherwise so that was fun."

She met her husband at the naval station in Pensacola, where she took care of Naval veterans.

"Just an interesting part of Pensacola, they actually help take care of POWs. We do a lot of medical followup on any of the prisoners of war. So I did help take care of some of the WWII prisoners of war during that time. Which was an honor to take care of them."

Null says she learned a sense of unity while serving in the Navy.

"If you were that family, you take care of them automatically. Taking care of family members of persons that are deployed is extremely important because that helps keep them in the right frame of mind and at peace when they're doing something extremely difficult."

Dr. Null now practices at the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Clinic.

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