Do you know how to use sandbags correctly?

Do you know how to use sandbags correctly?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Every parish across Southwest Louisiana makes it simple to stop by and fill up a few sandbags, but the question is, how do you properly and effectively use them to protect your home?

"I lay them as close up against the garage door, as close as I can, next to each other, kind of overlapping them a little bit to make sure it all sinks in and it's all covered," said one resident, Dwight Minton.

"We just put it around the pump shed, about two high to make sure the water doesn't get in there, because it's got a lot of electricity stuff in there and we don't want it to get wet," said another resident, J.C. Arabie.

Everyone packs them a little different, but when it comes to laying sandbags, there's actually a method. The Army Corps of Engineers recommends creating a dike with a base three times as wide as it is tall.

You start by laying down a sheet of plastic for waterproofing, then you lay the sandbags, filled 2/3 of the way.

Lay them parallel to the water flow like brickwork, overlapping the unfilled top part of the bag with the next bag to create a seal.

Make sure you untie the ends and leave them open.

You should also stagger the rows so the joints don't match up for strength and flatten each row before you place another.

Once you're done, place another plastic sheet over the top and secure it down with more bags, but not too tight, or the water pressure might puncture it.

You should place the bags in front of any opening to your home.

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