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Phil Daley dies at 76

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To hear Scott Daley talk about his dad Phil, you quickly see how much he meant to everyone. 

"He was a staple in the community for many years," said Scott Daley. "He took care of everybody here, including myself."

Phil Daley, the owner and operator of Daley's Gym in Lake Charles, died at the age of 76, early Saturday morning. 

"He had generations of boxers that showed up at the funeral and funeral home. Generations from the 1970's and the ones from the 1940's and 1950's that fought with him. It was a multi-generational funeral."

Which was fitting, considering how boxing seems to be in the Daley family's blood.

"Some families are baseball players, some families are football or basketball-- but this was ours," Scott said. "This was all we ever knew, was inside a boxing gym."

The bond between this family and boxing starts not long after birth.

"Most kids were watching cartoons, and [Phil and his brother] were boxing. It was the same way with us."

But the art of boxing wasn't just something Daley shared with his family.

For decades, Phil shared his passion, his life, with the community. 

"Inside these walls, that was his life."

"He was rough and tough, but he loved his little fighters, and the big ones too. He meant as much to them as they did to him."

The patriarch, the idol.

"The Mickey," said Scott about his father. "This ain't no Rocky movie, but he's the Mickey."

No matter what title you use, Phil Daley's legacy will continue to reign inside his gym. 

"His dad had the gym here 50-60 years ago. That was his thing. It was his dad's and we are going to take it and keep it going and that's what we've done. This was his show."

The Daley family has created a community based charity in honor of Phil Daley to support young fighters. Click here for more details.

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