Bob Cain served in Air Force and Westlake Police

Bob Cain served in Air Force and Westlake Police

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Bob Cain signed up for the U.S. Air Force in October of 1959 while living in Buffalo, New York, where he says there are two seasons: July and Winter.

"I hated snow. So 4 days after I turned 18, because my folks wouldn't sign for me, I enlisted in the Air Force and left Buffalo and I've only been back for one class reunion and two funerals."

He was assigned to electronics and quickly became versed on radar.

"I worked on heavy ground equipment radar, like used to be out on Highway 14, the McNeese farm. We had a similar set over in Spain just like it that we worked in."

He stayed in the Air Force 20 years and 11 days.

"Two tours in Alaska, about thirty miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Bering strait. It was a remote assignment. You went for a year and the only way you came out was in a body bag or your tour was over."

In 1979, he located here in Southwest Louisiana, becoming a Westlake Police officer.

"Of course back then we didn't wear a vest. You carried a weapon but you didn't walk up to the car with your hand on it. You just didn't worry back then. Maybe we should have, but we didn't."

Cain said when he first started at Westlake PD, there sometimes was only one unit per shift. He said that number has grown over the years. He also worked with the Ward 4 Marshal's office.

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