McNeese offers summer camps for kids

McNeese offers summer camps for kids

From Kids College  to Summer Band camp to the Engineering academy, McNeese State University seems to be the place for younger students this summer.  Kids College is an all day 11 week program starting Monday.

"We have three certified teachers," said May Gray with McNeese Leisure Learning. "We're taking them on field trips, we're taking them to the library every week. They'll be doing many hands on projects, science projects."

Gray says some students come for all 11 weeks, others just for four weeks. There are price breaks on both.

"We go every year to Chennault. They are fabulous and keep the kids busy for hours. They eat at the base. They go up in the tower. They usually see the fire truck working. They often get to ride on the fire truck. That's one of our favorites. We'll be doing nature lab again. We'll be going out to Sam Houston."

Dr. Nikos Kiritsis in the college of engineering holds an Engineering Academy each summer for grades 9 through 12.

"So we're looking for kids who want to work with their hands," said Kiritsis. "They're interested in the subject. We're not necessarily looking for the high achiever with the high grades. We want to get them excited and then hopefully when they decide to go to college, they want to concentrate on the STEM end."

There are also McNeese camps for instrumental music, Cowgirl Kicker cuties  as well as sports camps available. For more information, call 337-475-5616 or click here.