Hometown Hero: Claby Laviolet

Hometown Hero: Claby Laviolet
Laviolet family

LEBLEU SETTLEMENT (KPLC) - Claby Laviolet was drafted into the U.S. Army infantry, serving mainly in Europe during the second world war. His niece, Jeanora Moore said he didn't talk much about his service.

"He didn't want to talk about it," Jeanora Moore, Laviolet's niece. "He had already told her that when I go to bed and start dreaming, wake me up. I remember her telling me that she had to wake him up several times. She'd sit there and talk to him until he would calm down."

The Rayne native was part of the Seventh Army and was a gunner on a tank.

"He also helped clean up after the war. That made him have a lot of dreams. Like all wars, he had friends that had fallen near him. That got to him. There were bright moments for Laviolet though. He enjoyed meeting the French people."

"He was also excited because we are Laviolets. He met Laviolets in France. He was able to talk to them. He really talked about that. They spoke regular french and he spoke Cajun French. But they could still communicate."

Claby Laviolet died Monday, May 15, 2017 at the age of 98.

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