LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Monday's tragic accidental shooting of an innocent victim at an elementary school gives us an opportunity, or maybe an obligation, to talk a bit about gun safety.

A spokesman for the family of the young man injured this week released a statement thanking the community for our prayers, but also asking us to take a moment to make sure that any firearms in our homes are properly secured. I think that's a good idea.

I happen to be a gun owner. You may disagree with me on this point, and I'm not suggesting that everyone needs a gun – that's your decision to make. I just happen to have a couple of them myself. It is our legal right to own a gun, but like every right, that also comes with responsibilities. When I had a small child in the house, I disassembled my weapons and stored the parts and the ammunition separately in places I hoped my daughter could not find. That probably wasn't even adequate, but I got lucky.

Trigger locks can be purchased for less than $10. Why didn't I have them, or a gun safe, or a fingerprint locking case?  Can I suggest that you buy one less box of ammunition and use that money to secure your guns? I'm changing the security for my weapons. If you have a gun I hope you will also take a minute to at least think about how you have secured it.

If you have suggestions on gun safety, if you want to argue against gun ownership at all, or if you just want to engage in a discussion about the topic, head over to my Facebook page, John Ware KPLC General Manager, and let me hear from you. This editorial is just my opinion; I'd like to hear yours.

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