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Sports Person of the Week - DeSean Smith

(Source: Brady Renard/KPLC) (Source: Brady Renard/KPLC)

From Lake Charles, to Baton Rouge and now the NFL, it's been quite the journey for DeSean Smith.

"I don't care where I end up, I am ready for the opportunity and it was given to me, and I'm definitely going to take advantage of it," said Smith. "I have to put on for Lake Charles, my family and friends and there is no time to let anyone down."

The Barbe product went undrafted out of LSU, but had multiple offers for rookie camp invites. The Carolina Panthers tried Smith out just last week, and the Chicago Bears will do the same later this week. 

"They put you through a work out. You were full speed everywhere you go. I had 110 plays to learn in a day and a half, and I learned every single one of them. When it gets to this level, to the pro level, it's study study study, playbook playbook playbook and film film film."

In addition to the upgraded playbook, Smith also realized the importance of blocking-- which he did plenty of with the Tigers.

"You have to know how to block, that's the big thing. I know everyone wants to catch a lot of touchdown passes and get the ball, which I did also. It didn't happen that way and like I said, I'm glad I got to learn from one of the best, Steve Ensminger at LSU. It is definitely carried over into the NFL."

Smith did get the chance to eventually showcase his receiving skills his senior season, catching ten balls-- including Danny Etling's first touchdown pass in Death Valley.

Smith's receiver trainer, Erick Franklin of Receiver Nation, thinks his pass-catching abilities, can land him an NFL gig.

"I think he has that same type of talent as Greg Olsen in terms of running routes and catching balls," admitted Franklin. "There's always a process of learning. I think with the skill set he has, he's going to be fine."

Despite the lack of production at LSU, Smith knows NFL teams will see his athleticism. The same he used to put up eye-popping numbers at Barbe.

"I can see myself doing everything. I definitely have improved my blocking game. I definitely know I can get around linebackers and cornerbacks and go up there and make plays," Smith said. "That still hasn't left me from Barbe. It's still in there. It's been four years, but it's definitely going to show on Sundays."

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