Drivers 'flooding' Lake Charles rental car locations

Drivers 'flooding' Lake Charles rental car locations

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you decided to brave the flood waters that swept the area last week and ended up with a flooded-out're one of many.

During last week's flash flooding, drivers began to stall out left and right.

Prien Lake Road and surrounding areas looked more like a graveyard filled with unlucky cars, too small to push on.

With engine replacement taking time and costing drivers thousands, many are turning to rental vehicles.

But you may have to put on the brakes. Enterprise Rent-A-Car on College Street in Lake Charles is seeing a massive influx of desperate drivers, pushing its waiting list to a week.

"We had two people that day literally walking through the flood waters," said Branch Manager Justin Jones.

He says the calls and insurance claims just keep coming.

"We had customers prior to that day still waiting to get into cars, so it was just like dumping on top of the list," said Jones. "After the flood it was impossible to stay on top of them. It was just like 10 by the minute."

Jones says they've almost topped 200 claims in the past week so far.

If that doesn't make your wheels spin, their computers have been down the whole time.

"We went old school," said Jones. "We had to go with paper, the dry erase boards, all that good stuff to get ourselves in line and organized, so we can get each customer one by one."

To keep up with the demand, Jones says the company is working aggressively to bring in cars from different locations around the state.

"Friday, we had to have drivers from Baton Rouge come bring a load of cars, then leave here, go back to Baton Rouge and bring back more cars," said Jones.

Thankfully, Jones says the community has been incredibly understanding.

Car rental wait times in the area:

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 1 week
  • U-Save Car & Truck Rental: 1 day
  • Hertz: 1 day
  • Avis: unknown

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