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Sports Person of the Week - Bryan Soileau


It might sound cliche, but the sky is the limit for Sam Houston freshman high jumper Bryan Soileau.

"I would love to pursue [high jumping] and go as far as a can in it," said Soileau.

At only 15-years-old, Soileau has already broken the Broncos' all-time record with a high jump of 6'4".

"I had no idea that I broke the record, I was just in pursuit of first place."

"We know the record was set at about 6'2"," said Sam Houston track coach Aaron Gott. "He had no problem going over that."

Next up for Soileau is this weekend's state tournament, where he has his eyes on something bigger.

"6'6" to 6'8", that's really what I'm shooting for," Soileau said.

The nation's current record-holder in the high jump, is just over 8 feet.

"I have no doubt he'll make it all the way to the Junior Olympics," Gott said. "I actually expect he'll probably be in the top-five or even the top-three.

"My biggest dream is to go to the NFL," said Soileau. "But this is obviously getting me places, so I'd like to pursue that too."

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