Rain gone, but water remains over roads in Moss Bluff

Rain gone, but water remains over roads in Moss Bluff

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Coffey Road is one of the areas in Moss Bluff where low-riding vehicles couldn't make it through water on the road Thursday, especially where a little creek is now a large area of swift moving water across the road.

Paul Kibodeaux spent the previous 24 hours using his big truck to shuttle people back and forth between homes and where they needed to go.

"We do not recommend anybody do it unless they have a very big truck or a very heavy truck," Kibodeaux said. "It's a very hard current and if you don't know how to drive through it, you're going to get stuck."  

"The last time that this happened several years ago, it took about three days for the water to go down," he said.

Kibodeaux says the submerged car on Coffey belongs to a pizza delivery guy who had to be rescued and whose car is filled with soggy pizza.

"Ward one Parish truck, man big props to them," he said. "They saved the guy in the mustang that's back there in the water. They went through and picked him up for safety."

It was a similar situation on North Perkins Ferry Road where big trucks succeeded in moving through.

Yet, a submerged vehicle along the side of the road is a reminder some won't make it through the water.

The stranded car belongs to Beatrice Wilson who says her husband likely hydroplaned when it went off the road. She says her husband made it to safety and that she was relieved she and her children were not with him went the car became stranded. Now they must try to retrieve the car.

"We can't get anybody out here," she said. "It's too deep in the water. We can't get anybody out here to get it out. It's crazy. I thought it was just going to rain a little bit. I'm from California. I'm not used to weather like this."

And it's much the same on a section of Sutherland Road where water is even deeper - and an abandoned car serves as a reminder of the danger.

Some of the side streets are also flooded in low areas and Indian Bayou, which neighbors say is normally barely visible, has encroached high beyond its banks.

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