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Lake Charles Genealogy Library exploring professional baseball in the city

(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)

As Lake Charles continues to celebrate its 150-year history, a local group is recognizing its role in America's favorite past time.

The Lake Charles Genealogy branch manager, Brandon Shoumaker, discussed the history of professional baseball in Lake Charles, including its teams and players from Lake Charles who reached the Major Leagues.

"We've had three or four professional teams that were in the lower minor leagues starting with the 1906 Lake Charles Creoles and up to the Lake Charles Lakers in the 50s. We just kinda wanted to highlight for our sesquicentennial some of the interesting history in Lake Charles, something you might not get from a history book, and so the history of baseball is something that we thought would be interesting to the community" said Shoumaker.

The program is part of the monthly "Tidbits of History" series taking place at the Genealogy library located at 411 Pujo Street.

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