Copy-Ooh Ah for Ua: Audubon Zoo's fuzzy baby colobus monkey

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Visitors who ooh and ah at the Audubon Zoo 's newest baby will be saying the colobus monkey's name: Ua. That's "flower" in Swahili.

The threatened monkey is fuzzy and white, but will become black with white fur around her face, a white tail tuft and an elegant, long white fringe hanging from her shoulders and back. Unlike most monkeys, this species lacks thumbs.

Ua was born March 17 to mom Mandeesa and dad Kivuli. A news release says 3-year-old sister Habari is also caring for the energetic infant.

Primate curator Courtney Eparvier (ee-PAR-vyay) says that's natural and will help Habari build skills for any offspring she may have.

Colobus monkeys live in more than 15 Central African countries. The zoo says they're threatened by the loss of forests cut down for houses, farms and roads.

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