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Proposed bill aims to prevent traffic stop confrontations

(Source: Raycom News Network) (Source: Raycom News Network)

As the 2017 legislative session in Louisiana continues, lawmakers are debating Senate Bill 17. which would mandate that driver's education instructors teach appropriate behavior during traffic stops. 

Given the recent national headlines of police-involved shootings, driving instructor Donna Arrington said she has all the more reason to agree with the bill.

"Literally, it could be life or death if you don't do the right things during a traffic stop," said Arrington. "When I teach my students, I tell them what they're going to ask you when they stop - where you need to have this information, to try to relax and stay in the car and only get out if they ask you to."

Lt. Gerald Allen with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office supports the bill. He said it would help both the drivers and the officers. 

"We think it's a great idea," said Allen. "That first traffic stop after you have your license, you know most people are scared, so I really feel this is something that would help."

Allen said teaching driver conduct is vital because the traffic stop is one of the most dangerous parts of their job. 

"You hear people say 'routine traffic stop' but we don't believe in that because we don't know who you're stopping; you don't know what this person just did," said Allen. "Having them go through that course is like a reassurance knowing, 'OK, well they know what they're doing if they get stopped, so I feel a whole lot better." 

If the law is passed this legislative session it will take effect on January, 1, 2018. 

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