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Sports Person of the Week - Alan Heisser

Courtesy: Alan Heisser & Don Dixon Courtesy: Alan Heisser & Don Dixon
In 2009 Aaron Rogers attended Cops & Jocks in Lake Charles. (Courtesy: Alan Heisser) In 2009 Aaron Rogers attended Cops & Jocks in Lake Charles. (Courtesy: Alan Heisser)

An unlikely friendship dating back nearly fifteen years between a cop and a former jock has formed an everlasting impact in the community of lake Charles.

"Cops and Jocks popped in my head, my wife said she hated it," said Alan Heisser co-founder of Cops and Jocks Golf Classic. So, I called Don Dixon and he said I love it. So, Cops and Jocks was born then."

Now fifteen years later,  Alan Heisser and Chief of Police Don Dixon are gearing up for their 15th annual Cops and Jocks golf classic.

"We worked to make that idea come to life," said Heisser. But, the people that come to participate and paid to play and sponsor, those are the one's that made it something special."  

The golf tournament earns funds for McNeese athletics and scholarships for the families of Lake Charles police officers.

"Just in endowed scholarships at McNeese this fall we'll have $18,000 dollars that can be given out to kids in need," Heisser told KPLC.

"You know when I'm long gone that scholarship will be there forever and that's the gift that keeps on giving," said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

What started as a crazy idea has now turned into an established charitable event that has helped raise nearly one million dollars in donations and scholarships.

"It's the love for my community," admitted Heisser. It's just fun to give back and I feel like I owe that and it's something that everybody should do."

Each year the celebrity golf classic directly impacts 12 to 15 families in Lake Charles and the everlasting impact is evident on the smiles of those it helps.

"Those looks on all those kids faces when they receive those scholarships, it's worth it and it makes it all worth while," smiled Heisser.

"Education is so important," said Dixon. It's the key to success in life and I'm just glad to be a small part of it."

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