Dr. Ken Eastman - community volunteer and scoutmaster

Dr. Ken Eastman - community volunteer and scoutmaster
Ken Eastman

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - If you mention the name Ken Eastman in Westlake, you're sure to hear something about community service and Boy Scouts. Eastman was on the board of the Chiropractic Association of Louisiana when his profession was finally licensed by the state in 1974.

"It took a long time," recalled Eastman. "We were the last state in the country to be licensed. Medicare had been paying chiropractic claims across the nation for several years. But not in Louisiana because there were no licensed chiropractors in the state."

A years earlier, Eastman helped start Boy Scout Troop 88.  He's been a scoutmaster since then.

"I was in several different units as a youth, because the scoutmasters kept resigning for a variety of reasons. I was determined I wasn't going to let that happen.  So here I am, 72 years old, and I'm still a leader in Troop 88." 

Fifty years later, Eastman still enjoys teaching life skills to young men.

"What I get back is immeasurable. I've often said I'm entirely too selfish to ever quit. It's fun to watch the lights come on. In Scouting, you actually have the opportunity to help mold young boys into young men." 

Eastman's son and grandsons have earned the Eagle badge, Scouting's highest rank. One of Eastman's Boy Scouts is set to receive his Eagle award at the end of April. The scout scheduled his ceremony around Eastman's chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

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