Coushatta Farmers Market set to take place May 6

Coushatta Farmers Market set to take place May 6

ELTON, LA (KPLC) - Once a month, the town of Elton comes alive on a Saturday morning, welcoming guests from near and far.
"It's a place to gather," said David Sickey, Coushatta Tribe vice-chairman. "A good clean festive event for the family. It's also a time to fellowship. It's always our interest for the Coushatta Tribe to promote community and fellowship and just celebrating what we have in our local town." One of the more popular booths is the Nichols Sweet Shop, where owner Raymond Nichols sells out of most items.

"We have brownies. chocolate pecan pies, Italian cream cakes, pecan brittle, pralines. You name it, we got it."

There are booths for most everything from fresh laid eggs to arts and crafts and clothing.  Darlene Dunnehoo's fried Indian bread booth always has a line.

"My husband is the flipper," said Darlene Dunnehoo. "He does the flipping of the fry bread. I have my daughter and granddaughter and a friend helping serve. I've never heard of a husband referred to as a flipper. He's a pretty good flipper. My mom taught him how to do a flip and if he made a mistake he would get a slap on the hand. If he did it too early."

The Coushatta Tribe also sells fresh vegetables.

"We grow these on our Coushatta reservation," said Dakota Daigle of the Coushatta Tribe. "They are hydroponic tomatoes. We grow them in mostly water. Normal hydroponic usually use just water and have circulating water going through them constantly. We, on the other hand, use pearlite, which is a volcanic rock which allows the nutrients to be absorbed."

"People hang out all day, there are drawings through the day," said Nichols. "There's a band playing, there's lots of food. Most vendors are local. If they're not, we adopt them."

The Coushatta Farmers Market is open the first Saturday of the month between October and June. It's located on U.S. 190 in Elton. The next market is set for May 6.

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