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Unlikely teammate sparks high school baseball winning streak

(Source: Mike Gaither/KPLC) (Source: Mike Gaither/KPLC)

Knights Field in Longville, Louisiana, has all the normal sites of a high school baseball game and all the sounds of a dugout engaged in a ball game.

But in this dugout, the players and coaches aren't the only ones you'll see or hear.

After three straight losses, Ben the Rooster knew the team needed some extra help.

"Whatever gets the guys going, he's pretty good in the dugout actually," said South Beauregard Head Baseball Coach Jeremy DeVille. "He just sits there."

"Everybody just loves him, they don't leave him alone," admitted Knights pitcher Hunter Burns.

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He's not your average teammate, but he definitely fits right in.

"He's part of the team," said DeVille.

"It's kind of like bringing in another brother on the team, but just an animal," laughed Burns.

It was catcher Blake Davenport that recruited the rally rooster to the team.

"Just driving by, going back home after baseball practice and saw a rooster on the side of the road and picked him up and brought him here," Davenport said.

"He asked if we wanted a rooster and I was like sure," DeVille laughed.

Since Ben's arrival, South Beauregard has reeled off four straight wins.

"That's why we call him the rally rooster," DeVille said.

"Four-game winning streak since he's been around, so I'll take it," assistant coach Blake DaVid said.

Only a week in and Ben has already become a fan favorite.

"I think it's been pretty cool the rooster has been making some noise, so it's been fun," OB Morgan said.

"The last two weeks it seemed to bring more energy in the dugout, I mean it's been good. He's trying to give me a kiss," chuckled DeVille.

He's even gained attention on social media.

"He's half the community's profile pic on Facebook, so I think they're taking him in pretty good," DeVille said.

It's obvious with his play on the field, Ben won't be benched anytime soon.

"It's coming the whole year, every game," DaVid said.  Like coach DeVille said, we're going to live and die with the rooster."

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