Clerk of Court addresses low voter turnout in parish

Clerk of Court addresses low voter turnout in parish

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Clerk of Court Lynn Jones said the low voter turnout for the March 25 election follows a nationwide trend.

"It's voter apathy. Unfortunately, we're seeing that even in local elections, which are very important to everybody's quality of life," he said.

With Election Day past us, turnout was disappointing - not just in Lake Charles. Vinton saw 32 percent; it was 11 percent in Westlake where two important sales tax renewals were on the ballot.

Michelle McInnis lives in Moss Bluff, but has still paid attention to the Lake Charles mayor's race.

"It's still an interest to me because it really is a privilege to be able to vote - voice my opinion," said McInnis. "To see it (voter turnout) so low is very disappointing."

"Five minutes out of your time and you can let your voice be heard," said Jones. "You might not always be successful, but at least you will take a stand, and have your voice heard."

With early voting beginning in less than three weeks for the April 29 runoff, Jones hopes his message will motivate people to make a difference to show up at the polls.

"This is it. Whether you vote or not, somebody is going to be elected and is going to be representing you," he said.

Early voting is April 15 - April 22. The two mayor candidates in the runoff are Nic Hunter and Wilford Carter.

And if you're thinking of not voting, Jones has a message for you.

"The first thing I'd say is if you don't, you can't complain. Second thing I say is you're letting someone else decide the fate of your community," he said.

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