McNeese Percussion hosts World Percussion Concert

McNeese Percussion hosts World Percussion Concert

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The McNeese State University Percussion Concert is expanding knowledge in music.

It all started when a West Virginia University professor came to McNeese after learning traditional song and dance from Trinidad and Tobago, Guinea and Ghana.

Percussion Professor, Dr. Lonny Benoit said "He comes back, he shares with us the knowledge he's taken from these villages, to basically he comes in and teaches everything by rote, so there is no written notation, it's traditional style in Africa passed down from generation to generation."

For many of the students, playing instruments through wrote was a new concept.

Senior Josh Hartwell said, "We're not really used to learning any kind of without music notation so learning everything by word of mouth was a really cool process, it was really easy actually."

The students spend their entire Mardi Gras break, 10-12 hours a day learning the cultural music.

Benoit adds, "It's through knowledge of the subject of it. It's not just, oh I'm just going to play this one drum or I'm just going to learn this dance. They know everything.

The percussion instruments you can see at the upcoming concert were all handmade in their native countries.

The concert is free to attend and takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 23, at Tritico Theater.

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