CONSIDER THIS: Leaders Against Litter

CONSIDER THIS: Leaders Against Litter
(Source: KPLC)

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - At the "Leaders Against Litter" event on Friday, I committed to stand up against litter, to let people know about the problem, and to do something about it.

The easiest way for us to solve our litter problem is for all of us to decide not to do it. I ask you to think about litter and how you can stop it in your life.

When I returned to KPLC after the event, I saw this across the street from the station. It's not my litter, and not on property I'm involved in. But picking it up takes a few seconds. There we go - solved this one little litter issue. When you see litter in your world, pick it up if you can do so safely. With a lot of us each doing a little bit, we make a big difference. 
Litter is just not OK, so I ask you to consider what you can do to "Keep Louisiana Beautiful." And the Leaders Against Litter will do our part too.

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