Seven-year-old Mikeala yearns to be adopted

Seven-year-old Mikeala yearns to be adopted

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A bright-eyed, spunky seven-year-old girl named Mikeala is hoping to be part of a forever family through adoption.

Mikeala has spent the past couple of years in a loving foster home with Chelsea Alfred's family, but it has always been a temporary placement.

Now, Mikeala is legally freed for adoption through the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and this young girl is ready to make that move, even though she knows she will miss her foster family.

"I'll be sad if I leave my mom," she said.

That is a shared sentiment for Alfred, who has watched Mikeala blossom before her eyes.

"I'll miss her presence," said Alfred.  "She's always willing to help and she's always asking me, 'Nanny you want me to do this, you want me to do that?' So I will miss her presence being around."

For Mikeala's time to shine in front of the camera, we met her at the Iowa public library, where she could not wait to flip through the pages of several books.  Fitting for someone whose favorite subject is:

"Reading!" she said.

But that is not it, this second grader pretty much loves every subject!

"Math, arts, science," she said.

Alfred says homework is never a battle of wills.  Mikeala loves school and she does well in the classroom.   

The Alfreds have given unconditional love to this foster child, knowing the ultimate goal would be for her to find a forever family.

"A couple: mom and dad," said Alfred.  "She does get along with kids, so if she could do a brother or sister, have someone to be around, she would love that."

This brave child says she wants to be adopted, knowing she is in a family that will help her grow into a young lady - and help guide her to make one big dream come true one day: becoming a cop!

"I want to bring bad guys to jail," she said.

The first step to adopt through foster care is attending orientation, then going through the certification process with classes, a background check, and home study.  To enroll in the next round of classes or make an inquiry about Mikeala, call 337-491-2470.

Adopting through foster care typically costs about $500.

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