McNeese professor shows off his Alp horn

McNeese professor shows off his Alp horn

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Alp Horn has been around for centuries and is an instrument that immediately makes you think of the Swiss Alps. McNeese State University professor of low brass Bill Rose owns one.

"It is a German made alp horn. It's an alpine instrument, basically a mountain instrument. There are examples of them going back a couple of thousand years in Switzerland and Germany."

Made of spruce, this alp horn was built by Andreas Baeder.

"Mostly they're used for folk music. Originally they were a signaling instrument in the mountains. An instrument in the right conditions carried up to 10 kilometers. So it can be heard for an incredibly long distance."

"Bill's alp horn is 12 feet long. It comes in 4 pieces and it's wrapped in rattan.

"It's one of those instruments that immediately brings up pictures of a certain bucolic scene up in the Alpine meadow."

Of course anything unusual like this draws instant attention from spectators to even professional photographer Jason Carrol.

"I'm half Swiss. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My dad's entire side of his family immigrated from Switzerland on both his mother and father's side.  There's a familial connection with the instrument."

Rose says he enjoys showing off his new horn to friends, family and even his music students.

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