CONSIDER THIS: Heeding the warning

CONSIDER THIS: Heeding the warning

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - As the storms rolled into Lake Charles Monday around midday, I got a call from someone wondering if the sirens they were hearing were a tornado warning. They weren't.

Every Monday, the shelter in place warning system is tested shortly after noon. It isn't designed to be a tornado siren, or a tsunami siren, depending on where you grew up.

The warning system is there to alert us in the event of a release of chemicals that would require you to seek shelter inside, with your ventilation system turned off, until the danger passes. Fortunately, that's a fairly infrequent situation, but that makes testing the system even more important.

One way to be informed about potential weather emergencies is to download KPLC's weather app on your smartphone or tablet. Another important safety step would be to get a weather radio.

To find out more about the warning sirens, the system behind it, and what to do if you hear one go off, watch Nightcast at 10 p.m. Thursday for a special report by KPLC's weekend anchor/reporter Erica Bivens.

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