NEW FAMILY TREE: Finding a family for Sheldon

Finding a family for Sheldon

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A five-year-old boy who has spent almost half of his life in foster care is hoping a forever family is waiting for him today.

Sheldon is a bright-eyed ball of energy, who has lots of love to give.

I quickly realized I should have worn my tennis shoes when I met Sheldon at The Children's Museum in Lake Charles!

"I want to play!" he said, as soon as we sat down for a chat.

You cannot blame a kindergarten kiddo, surrounded by a giant train set, balls galore, and experiment stations.

Sheldon is a bright boy with quite the knowledge of his letters, something he proudly showed off.

"My name is Sheldon, S-H-E-L-D-O-N," he said.  "I have two special vowels in my name: an E and O."

This smart cookie has been in foster care for two years and adoption worker, Katrina Evans, with the Department of Children and Family Services says he has a spunky personality.

"Sheldon is friendly, he is fun, he is very talkative.  He loves to play," said Evans.

Sheldon is ready to be adopted today, as long as he can bring along his favorite stuffed animal: Daniel Tiger.

"He always cuddles with me when I take a nap," he said.

A two parent home would be best for Sheldon, a young boy Evans says needs a father.  

"Someone who can teach him things that a boy his age needs to learn," said Evans, "and he enjoys playing with other kids, as well."

A family where Sheldon can be accepted, loved, and thrive - without the weight of more time in a temporary home.

Adopting through the state typically costs under $500.

For more information on the certification process, click here.  You can call 337-491-2470 to make an inquiry about Sheldon or sign up for orientation.

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