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Sowela honors former nursing instructor

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When officials at Sowela Technical Community college saw our Hometown Hero story on Faye Singer last year, they took notice. After serving as a nurse during World War 2, Singer taught nursing at Sowela. They invited her back to tour the nursing school. You may remember our story on Westlake's Faye Singer last year. She was only 16 when she signed up in World War II to be an Army Cadet Nurse.  She took of soldiers coming back from overseas and was especially concerned about what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder among the GIs.
"The GIs in those days just didn't talk about it. Which I think was just a pity. I think they may have been better off talking about it. We would have been better off because we would have realized what war was like. But with them, it was a job done, get it over with and of course, when they got out, they had to find a job," said Singer.

Singer went on to serve in several hospitals and clinics after the war and eventually taught nursing at Sowela. When officials at the school saw the story, they were intrigued. So after getting her contact information from me, they invited Mrs. Singer to revisit the school and tour the new H.C. Drew Nursing Center. She got to participate in a simulated birthing experience, since she was a former OB nurse. She was also told that that students and faculty at Sowela are standing on the shoulders of those who came before them and are successful because of people like her. A great honor for a great lady and we thank Sowela for their efforts to make a retired nurse feel appreciated.  

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