John Bridges shares 105 pound weight loss

John Bridges shares 105 pound weight loss

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - This month marks three years since a familiar person here on KPLC decided to transform his health.  John Bridges is now 105 pounds lighter and feeling like the best version of himself. 

Several times a week, you will see John Bridges crunching, pressing, and lifting at CHRISTUS Louisiana Athletic Club in Lake Charles.

"I work with a personal trainer once a week, then I go to Body Pump classes twice a week.  I also try to walk as much as I can," he said.

John moves a lot today.  He knows it is what his body needs and that it was just three years ago when excess weight weighed him down.

"I had gotten to where I was 311 pounds," said John.  "I felt horrible, I couldn't do anything without being out of breath and it was time to do something."

With such a public job, John's weight struggles were right in front of him.    

"I couldn't believe that that was me and that was at the time that I was that heavy," he said.  "It was hard to look at.  It was hard to look at air checks, videos of me in the picture, because I knew that wasn't me."

At 311 pounds exactly three years ago, John began working with a fitness trainer.  

He has been working with CynDee Journey now for over a year. 

"He's fun, he's hardworking, he's determined and he wants me to be proud of him and he gives me all that he has," said Journey.

That consistent hard work in the gym, along with nutritional changes, including smaller portions and more protein, has led to a 105 pound drop on the scale.  John views food very differently now.

"Food to me now is fuel, rather than just something to eat or something to throw down when I'm bored or want to watch TV," said John.

John says there have been a few setbacks over the past three years, but he is proof you can always start with today.

"I feel great and I feel better about myself," said John.  "You can do it for somebody else if you want to, but you have to do it for you first and you want to live longer so that you can enjoy life longer."

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