St. Louis High students learn history first-hand

St. Louis High students learn history first-hand

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Two high school students from Lake Charles are learning what their late great-grandfather did during the Korean War. Korean War veteran Raymond Bernard Sherman died in 2002, but his legacy continues through his great grandchildren who are students here at St. Louis Catholic High School.

"When my granddaughter and grandson expressed an interest in what my dad had done and wanted to meet someone who perhaps had survived that, it just makes me want to cry. Because it's so special and so important," said Jennifer Guillory, St. Louis Librarian and grandmother of two students.

Sherman was part of Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War.

"In the Chosin reservoir, they told him to never surrender," said Sarah Corbello, St. Louis senior and great-granddaughter of Sherman. "And he didn't. That takes a lot of strength. I'm sure he suffered a lot in the war."

American history teacher Monica Kirkendall says history comes alive for students when someone in their family is part of the story.

"When the children discovered that their own relatives participate in these events, it really does make history come home for them," said Kirkendall. "It helps them to develop an appreciation for what ordinary people do to make this country great."

"I was never really interested in these wars until I got into Mama Kirk's class," said Roger Corbello, Sherman's great grandson and a junior at St. Louis. "Whenever you start to learn about it, you become more curious. You start asking questions and that's what really interested me."

Fifteen years later, the family of Ray Sherman has plenty of momentos to remember him and his service during the Korean War. Including this medal that was presented to him by the South Korea government.

"American history is really the history of its people," said Kirkendall. "And the history is of our families and the roles that we play in making this country."

Sherman stayed in the Air Force for 20 years. He was one of the original designers of guided missiles.

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