Get Fit Challenge - Kaitlin

Get Fit Challenge - Kaitlin


One is getting my butt into the gym, and the other is blogging/social media.

If you couldn't tell by my blogging, or lack-there-of, I have been falling behind a little...

The past couple of weeks have just been kind of chaotic and stressful both at work and in my personal life. I've been finding it hard to find the will to work out after a long day at work. I still try to get in as much as possible though! The worst weeks I have, I make it in at least twice, so it's not like I gave up completely.

I have been making progress with my diet though, by leaps and bounds! I couldn't tell you the last time I stopped at Taco Bell! I've been cooking at home pretty much every night and I just feel so much healthier!

...I do miss my order of two Doritos's Loco Tacos, a Beefy Frito Burrito, and a large Baja Blast... STOP IT, KATIE! STOP IT! STAY STRONG.

I'm just playing! I got this! We went food shopping with Mona, the nutritionist, recently and that was awesome. I pretty much knew everything she was talking about because my mother is a huge health nut, so she's trained me my whole life to choose wheat bread over white bread, and things like that.

I did learn, however, that you really don't have to sacrifice the yummy things in life for gnarly health food. You just need to pay attention to the nutritional facts on the back of the package. Choose things that taste good but are a little healthier than the other brand. Oh, and STICK TO THE SERVING SIZE. That's where something good, can go so wrong....

So the past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs, victories and losses, but overall, I'm feeling and looking healthier!

So.... GO ME!


Jan. 18, 2017

Hey! I'm back! Are you as surprised as I am? Personally, I'm proud I made it this far! I may be bad at blogging...but at least I'm still working out....

So, things are going great with Cheyenna. The workouts she has for me are really pushing me to my limits.

I have been starting to notice my energy levels are A LOT higher. I usually pass out on the couch as soon as I get comfy (my job takes a lot out of me during the day)... but this past week, I've actually been able to stay up later and finish movies! SHOCKER!

I've also noticed I can do more repetitions of the exercises Cheyenna gives me. With push-ups and tricep dips, I was only able to reach seven before I started shaking and collapsed. Now I can do ten to twelve before my weak little noodle arms give out on me!

The classes Christus St. Patrick offers are amazing! I tried CX-WORX with Anna last week and it was beyond challenging, but also very motivating! If you're interested in trying a crazy core work out, the class is every Tuesday at 6:30. I didn't get to go last night because I was feeling quite sick after work... But I'll be back at the gym tonight, I promise!

For now, let me share some of the work outs I've been doing:

MONDAY- Warm-up with 30 seconds of jogging in place, arm rotations, butt kicks, knee lifts, quick high knees, lunges, squats. Cardio for 20 minutes (Arc Trainer for 15 minutes and the Step Mill for 5 minutes). For weights I did 3 sets of 8-12 reps of bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, and then I did 10 push-ups and two 30 second planks--twice.

TUESDAY- After CX-WORX (since it's only 30 minutes of core exercises) I did 30 seconds of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and jump rope.

WEDNESDAY- Foam roller stretch, then 3 sets of 8-12 box jumps, squats with bar, and incline leg presses. I get to pick 2 ab machines to do 3 sets of 15-20 reps. For cardio, I have the choice between walking or running for 20 minutes on the treadmill.

THURSDAY- Body Flow with Taylor. (I have yet to take this class!)

FRIDAY-  Warm up with cardio 7 minutes on the Arc Trainer, lunges, squats, and 30 seconds of mountain climbers. Then bicep curls and lateral raises with the rubber band. Push-ups and squats on the half ball thing (I don't know what it's called...) and wall sits. Then some ab work and chest work with dumbbells. Finally, I hit the stair climber.

Now... I have to work on my diet...I have an appointment with the dreaded MONA THE NUTRITIONIST on Friday... I may die of fast food withdraws...

I was talking to Perris, who already met with her, and he said she told him he wasn't eating enough! LUCKY!

I have a feeling she is going to tell me something similar. I don't eat all day when I'm at work.

This is a typical work meal if I'm fortunate and blessed with enough time to get something. All of my calorie consumption happens at night, when I get off of work.


We'll I'm off to the gym! (Ew who says that?) Talk to you guys later!



Jan. 9, 2016

My name is Kaitlin and I am a couch potato. My biggest enemy is myself when it comes to getting to the gym and staying active. That doesn't mean I've never tried, I just fall off the wagon...for long periods of time. Oh, and I really like fast food...Mmm...Taco Bell. I was in one of these lazy spells when I got an email at work asking for volunteers to partake in a fitness challenge. Hmm... This is exactly what I need, right!? Some motivation? Cool!

Now, I am not overweight by any means, but it can't be a good sign when you get winded from climbing some stairs.

My goals for these next few weeks are:

  • BUILD STRENGTH  (You should see me trying to do a push-up or a pull up... it's comical.)
  • TONE (I have no muscles, only noodles for limbs.)
  • TIGHTEN (Jiggle has replaced muscles mentioned above.)

I am not ashamed to mention my flaws and personal insecurities. I'm bringing this into a public light to show that 'thin' doesn't mean healthy or in-shape. That is what I wish to accomplish. I want to be healthy and in-shape and I invite those who feel the same to take this journey with me!

I'm lucky enough to start this journey with my lovely trainer Cheyenna over at Christus Saint Patrick's Athletic Club. She's a ray of sunshine and she'll kick your butt with a smile. (Trust me. My legs are still sore.)

During her evaluation she weighed me and took my measurements. I'll put them here to track my results.

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 134.8 lbs
  • Waist: 31.25"
  • Abs: 30"
  • Hips: 38.5"
  • Right Leg: 9"
  • Right Arm: 10"

Cheyenna wants me to train with her once a week as well as come on my own four separate times in the week. Two of those days will be classes like Spin or Body Pump.

For the rest of her torture session... I mean evaluation... I did some cardio work as well as some arms and legs.

It started with a 7-8 minute warm up on the treadmill, then we moved to the dumbbells for some rows, biceps, lateral raises. After that I slammed around those giant ropes you see all the big football players training with. Once it was time for legs, I was winded. We did some step-ups and box taps (harder than it seems), stability lunges, and rubber band work. (It's a torture device or 'that rubber tube with the handles', whatever you want to call it.)

It doesn't seem like anything intense, right? Well for me, it was. That's what's motivated me to keep going. Cheyenna says it's all things I am capable of doing, I just need to build up my endurance.

I hope you can find some tips, tricks, and advice while you take this journey with me. I invite you to send me your own progress,tips, questions, and anything else you would like to share at !

Let's get started!

To be continued, stay tuned...