Get Fit Challenge - Antoine

Get Fit Challenge - Antoine

Week 6 is in the bag

I just finished Week 6 of our Get Fit Challenge and right when I think I'm growing and the workouts are getting easier to go through, my trainer turns up the intensity. I've finished this week strong, giving each workout an extra 100%. I tried to push myself to exhaustion with every set. I'm seeing a lot of gains in my endurance and I'm noticing a lot of changes in my body. Besides the weight loss, I'm starting to see definition in my muscles. My energy levels are increasing and my body is starting to crave the gym and the pump I get after working out. To me this is a good sign of lifestyle change.

Energy Levels are Spiking

Feb. 1, 2017

We're about a month into the challenge and my energy levels are spiking. I no longer roll out of bed in the morning, I hop out of bed.

I'm not exactly where I want to be with my workout goals, but I'm really enjoying the process of getting there. I love the pump I get after a heavy day of lifting weights, but I also enjoy the next-day soreness. This for me is an indicator that I worked my muscles to exhaustion and they're going to grow bigger and stronger.

If there is one thing that I've learned so far, it's that anaerobic activity is a must-have in your workout regimen. It's basically working out without oxygen. Now I know this sounds crazy (lol), but trust me, it works. Anaerobic exercise is defined as short duration, high-intensity exercise lasting anywhere from merely seconds up to around two minutes. When I train at this level of intensity I create what professionals call EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

This basically allows my body to burn calories at rest for up to 48 hours. So after my high-intensity workout, my body is still working and burning calories.

They say if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, I wanna thank the good people over at Christus St. Patrick Athletic Club for handing me my fishing pole.

A Good Day!

Jan. 18, 2017

Good afternoon everyone.

I woke up this morning thinking that it's a good day to have a good day, and that's exactly how it's been so far: A Good Day!

I started my day bright and early at 3 a.m. For breakfast, I ate two boiled eggs, two slices of turkey bacon and one cup of oatmeal. Let me tell ya folks, breakfast is truly the most important meal of your day. Not only does it set the foundation for your energy levels throughout the day, it also aligns your meals with your internal eating schedule.

Basically, if you start off eating when you're supposed too, your body will let you know when it's time to eat again. I know for me personally this is helpful.

Sometimes, when work can be demanding, it's easy for us to work through and ignore our hunger and eat later. Thanks to my coaches during this Get Fit Challenge, I've learned that prepping the right meals and having them with me at work enables me to have healthy food nearby when hunger strikes.

After breakfast, my body tells me when it's time to refuel again, and it's easily accessible. Avoiding junk food can be a problem when it's everywhere you turn, but having that healthy option keeps me on track.

About Antoine Aaron

Goals for 2017: To lose 30lbs

I felt the most fit when: Military

Hardest habit to break: Potato Chips

My go-to meal usually is: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich and of course Chips lol

Foods I do not like are: Cottage Cheese (yuck)

I normally work out: 4-5 times a week after work.