Moss Bluff skydiver helped develop BASE jumping

Moss Bluff skydiver helped develop BASE jumping

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - DeWayne Bruette of Moss Bluff is a familiar site at McNeese Cowboy football games. He's one of several Parapokes who sky dive into the stadium with the American flag at each home game.

"Parachute rides are fun. Free fall is the closest I'll ever get to this side of eternity to get an out of body experience. You're weightless and you feel free. Literally."

But back in the early 1980s, Bruette was arrested for trespassing after jumping off the tallest building west of the Mississippi: the Texas Commerce tower in Houston.

"My getaway car did not show up as quick as the ot hers. So I landed between the officers doing their duty and the third guy who friended them, so he got away. I got processed through their hospitality for a few hours and out the back side."

Bruette and several others were filming the jump and doing research for what would eventually become known as BASE jumping, now a popular sport among skydivers. Bruette's favorite emotional memory?

"A veterans home in Breaux Bridge. Coming in with a little fog, a crystal blue sky. The wheelchairs are lined up. All the World War 2 veterans are in a row and they were begging and pulling for the orderlies to lift them so they could stand and salute the flag."

So watch for DeWayne and his Parapokes at an outdoor event near you.  He could be dropping in anytime.

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