CONSIDER THIS: New Year's resolutions

CONSIDER THIS: New Year's resolutions

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - As we approach 2017, I want to thank you.

To viewers, thank you for watching - you are the reason that we do what we do every day. To our advertisers, thank you. Without you we can't do any of this; thank you for trusting us and letting us be part of your business.

As we look at New Year's resolutions, I can tell you that we will continue to bring you the best possible information and entertainment that we can. We'll work hard to be a positive influence on our community. Sometimes that means reporting on tough subjects; sometimes it's shining the light on things that are good about Southwest Louisiana.

Personally, will this be the year I lose weight, get more organized, make that feature film I keep talking about, and clear out the list of things at home that need doing? Well, if history predicts the future, probably not. But I was paid a wonderful compliment recently by my wife who said, "No matter how often John fails, he'll always keep trying."

I believe that's true for KPLC also. We try not to disappoint our viewers and our advertisers, but we're human and sometimes, we do. But we try to learn from our mistakes, and we'll always keep trying.

Here's to a wonderful 2017, and Happy New Year, everyone.

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