SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - It's amazing to me that the human body easily creates a substance that we can't live without, but that it still can't be manufactured by technology.

Even today, though we are getting closer, blood can't be mass produced. It has to be donated by someone. I'm doing that right now. And trust me, with my low tolerance for pain, I wouldn't be able to talk to you right now if it were painful at all!

In addition to not being painful, it also doesn't take much time. A few simple questions will tell you if you are eligible to give blood right now. If you got that new tattoo for Christmas, or traveled to certain countries recently, you may not be able to give right now.

But if you are eligible, your blood is needed. Sadly, accidents, emergency surgeries, and diseases that require blood transfusions don't take the holidays off. But many blood donors aren't available during the holidays, or we simply forget about donating during this time.

So typically, this time of year means blood supplies are at their lowest. If you are eligible to give blood, I encourage you to do so. It truly is giving the gift of life. And while I hope no one in your family needs blood right now, if they do, I guess this one's for you.

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