McNeese students get another day to study for finals due to power outage

McNeese students get another day to study for finals due to power outage
(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A power outage at McNeese State University has led to Tuesday's finals being rescheduled.

The power went out Tuesday morning while some students were taking finals.

Tuesday's tests will be taken Wednesday. The schedule is posted on the McNeese home page. A message about the link to the exam schedule will also be sent to all McNeese email addresses and posted on the university portal.

First semester freshman, Samuel Luke, was about to take a graphic design final when it happened.

"We walked into the classroom and there was about five or six minutes before the final started and then the power shut out of the whole building and the professor walked in and said well we gotta move it to a different building," said Luke.

Lamb Vempati, who works at the library. saw all of the students' reactions as it was happening.

"I don't know if I should be happy for them because they get one extra day to study but some of them are devastated; they knew the answers; they knew they would get a good score but now they have to wait another day," said Vempati.

A lot of students felt the latter, like Nakia Dennis. She spent a long time studying for her psychology final only to have to wait another day.

"I also couldn't get my grades because of the outage and they couldn't put it into the computers," said Dennis.

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