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Proposed Driftwood LNG project could make area 'Ground Zero' for LNG

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A $12 billion LNG project is coming to Calcasieu Parish.

On Thursday, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury heard its first presentation on Driftwood LNG, a proposed facility expected to produce and export about 26 million tons of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, per year.

"We're building the equivalent, financial equivalent, of 20 Superdomes," said Jason French, vice president of government and public affairs with Driftwood LNG.

French said it's a perfect example of solidifying the region as "Ground Zero" for LNG.

"We've proven in the US that we can do large-scale LNG. Now we need to prove we can do lower-cost LNG," said French.

And it means major impacts for Calcasieu Parish.

"The facility will have production of about 26 million tons per year. That equates to about 4 billion cubic feet per day of gas we'll be bringing into the facility," explained French.

French said a 96-mile pipeline will be used to deliver gas to the facility, which will consist of five plants, each with four production units.

"We're taking that gas, cooling it down to 260 degrees and putting it on ships for the global marketplace," said French.

The 800-acre site is located between mile marker 22 and 23 on the Calcasieu River, or about 5 miles south of Carlyss, and is expected to bring thousands of jobs.

"We're gonna have about 3,500 jobs on the construction side. The construction on this project will take about seven years from beginning to end until we're fully functional. The facility and pipeline operations, once in place, will have about 250 full-time permanent jobs," explained French.

Some police jurors had concerns.

"We've had some projects come in and I think in retrospect, we wish we would have had more conversations with the companies and the contractors about a housing plan for these employees," said juror Nic Hunter.

"Great point. It's an issue we're well aware of. Housing along with traffic, these are some of the issues that fall into my portfolio to get out there and do exactly what you're talking about, start those conversations before the problems arise," French said.

As far as a timeline, French said they plan to file the formal application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in March - with construction beginning soon after. They expect their first LNG production in 2022 and hope to fully operational by 2025.

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