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Body found dumped on La. 27 near Hackberry, authorities suspect foul play

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(Source: Theresa Schmidt / KPLC) (Source: Theresa Schmidt / KPLC)
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(Source: Theresa Schmidt / KPLC) (Source: Theresa Schmidt / KPLC)

A body has been found dumped on La. 27 near Hackberry, just south of Hog Island Gully, authorities said.

Cameron Sheriff Ron Johnson said the body, which was wrapped in carpet, was discovered by highway workers around 11 a.m. Thursday.

The body had "been there a while" and was heavily decomposed, Johnson said. It is believed to be that of a female, but was so heavily decomposed, officials could not say for sure.

"No identification has been made on the body.  From all appearances it appears to be a female, appears to have had long auburn hair," he said.

Cameron deputies, Calcasieu crime scene and coroner investigators lined the east shoulder of La. 27 much of the day. They believe the body was likely on the side of the road for three-or-four weeks before it was discovered. 

Due to the condition of the body, there's no obvious answer about how the person died. But since it was wrapped up in carpet so authorities do suspect foul play.

"We don't know what happened. We don't know if she died and someone disposed of her that way, but it's most likely foul play because she was found out here," said Johnson. 

If it is a homicide and it occurred in Cameron Parish, the sheriff said it would be the first since 1996. 

"Hopefully we'll get some clues from the coroner's office and the lab that she's going to be sent to, so we can get something on identification first and what may have happened to the person,"said Johnson. 

At 4 p.m. the body was removed from the scene and transported to the Calcasieu coroner's forensic facility where a preliminary exam of the remains will be done. Johnson said the remains may need to be sent to the LSU FACES lab where facial reconstruction can be used to help develop a rendering of what the person looked like. 

If the death is determined to be a homicide, the location of the killing would determine which agency handles the case.

Johnson asked anyone with information about any missing person or other details that might help identify the body to call his office.

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