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LC couple makes narrow escape from fiery Gatlinburg mountain

Kiah and Devin Dubard (KPLC via Skype) Kiah and Devin Dubard (KPLC via Skype)

The wildfires in Gatlinburg, Tenn. proved to be a terrifying experience for a Lake Charles couple visiting there for their second wedding anniversary.

They talked to KPLC via Skype about what  their narrow escape.

Kiah and Devin Dubard were on vacation and rented a cabin for their anniversary.

They're safe now, but said it was terrifying getting out.

"There were times where we really didn't think we were going to get out. My husband's a lot calmer than I am and we talked about it last night and he said there were times when he was terrified," said Kiah.

"When we got to a part where there was a curve on the mountain, and there was a guardrail on the side of the mountain road, and the flames were coming up over that guardrail. And then there was a cabin or a house on fire above us, on top of the mountains, that was dropping flames on top of us too," said Devin. 

They've posted video on Facebook of their harrowing drive down the mountain. During the worst of it, Devin said visibility was terrible.

"The brush fire was literally sweeping up under the truck and that's probably when I freaked out the most because we couldn't even see because the smoke was so thick," said Devin.

They say the experience was worse than what they've been through in hurricanes.

 "They're not like hurricanes where you can know when to leave, we had no warning. The evacuation came after we needed to evacuate which is why we were stuck," said Kiah.

They drove behind locals as the couple struggled to find the way to safety.

"They knew several ways around the mountain and we just tried every path until we figured out all three-or-four different ways were blocked," Devin said.

With firefighters' help, they finally joined a caravan out.

Despite how much they looked forward to their trip, they're just glad to be safe.

"This was our second anniversary, and it was very important. We worked really hard to get here, but that's OK. We've got many more anniversaries to go," said Kiah.

 Thanks to Facebook Live, the Dubards have been able to keep their family and friends updated on their ordeal.

When KPLC talked to them, the Dubards they were in Knoxville Tennessee, about an hour from the fires. They urge people to pray and donate to help those devastated from the fires.

For videos, click HERE.

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