Hundreds flock to Abraham's Tent for Thanksgiving

Hundreds flock to Abraham's Tent for Thanksgiving
(Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You may remember KPLC's "Pack the Tent" food donations event that KPLC hosted in October to benefit Abraham's Tent. On Thanksgiving, residents could see how their donations were put to use.

Known for providing hot meals daily, Abraham's Tent is a pillar in the community that relies on donations...

Pearl Cole, Abraham's Tent director, said lately, the need has increased.

"I've seen an overall increase; we always experience that increase during the time when school is out and most people don't realize that school is out - at the last part of the month - when there is not money and no food stamps, so they have no choice but to eat at Abraham's Tent. OK, but I've seen an increase in the overall number of people coming in for meals," she said.

But thanks to the community's recent contributions, Cole said cooking this holiday season has been a little easier. She is grateful for all the volunteers - old and new - like Martin Thomas, Sr., a first-time volunteer.

"We were kind of volunteered for this so, we come early this morning and got started with Ms. Pearl just doing whatever she needed us to do," Thomas said.

And for others like Tina Racca, this isn't her first Thanksgiving at Abraham's Tent. She's been volunteering for several years now.

"It's just a great feeling to give to give financial, I can't do it, but I can do it like this. Just giving my time, I just love to do it," Racca said.

And those who stopped by to eat couldn't stop expressing how thankful they were to be able to enjoy a nice meal with people who started out as strangers but on this day, felt more like family.

"I'm thankful that we are blessed to eat with all these people at the Pearl Cole building,"  said Neal Smith.

"I'm thankful for the blessings the good Lord has gave us - the people that have helped out and this meal," said Dan Thompson.

"I am thankful for the air I breathe, walking up every day, being able to walk, talk, see, hear, friends, family, everything you know," said Larry Cox.

"I'm thankful for Ms. Pearl and everyone who is around me friends and family," said Annette Cormier.

"I am thankful for the meal, I am thankful that I am still living and I am thankful that I am able to enjoy with family and friends," said Vanessa Murray.

Remember, Abraham's Tent feeds hundreds of people daily 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

About 220 people stopped by Abraham's Tent to eat on Thanksgiving.

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