CONSIDER THIS: On being great

CONSIDER THIS: On being great

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - One of the first things I did in my new role as KPLC's general manager was to encourage all of our employees to go for greatness every day. Even knowing that we'll fall short of that more than we will achieve it, it's still what we strive for. But I'm keenly aware that the higher I move up in the organization, the less I can truly impact greatness.

If one of our camera operators turns a handle, the camera goes out of focus. Not much I can do about that. Except ask them to fix that.

In our master control room, if the operator hits one button, we're off the air. From my office, it's going to be a while before I can do anything at all about it. My point is that while the leader is very important to a company, an organization, or a country, those of us at the ground level have a lot more to do with our collective greatness, or lack thereof, than you may realize.

So we may be giving our new president-elect a little too much blame - or credit, - than he deserves. From my limited experience, I'll tell you that when my candidate has won, it's never been as good as I had hoped, and when my candidate has lost, it's never been as bad as I had feared.

To those who are despairing over this election, and to those who are over-the-moon elated about it, I just ask you to consider this: Take a breath, relax, live your life, love your family, and be the change you want to see.

And as always, your comments and opinions are welcome - whether you agree with me or not.

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