High school students learn value of civic engagement

High school students learn value of civic engagement

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - High school students from throughout Southwest Louisiana represent the next set of voters.

"These are all high school so, if not right now, this election, then next election in four years," said Laura Perry, Senior . "These students will be adults and will be able to vote. So for them to understand that even one vote, their one vote, does matter. It does make a difference. It's very important. Along the lines of having their voices heard along with issues that are affecting them."

They are part of Family and Youth's Civic Engagement Institute, which this week engaged them in the democratic process.

"I feel like it's a great way to stay well-rounded and stay in touch," said Avrie Celestine, Barbe High senior. "With this election going on, I think it's also an important way to get us started thinking early about how different things will impact our future. So when we can vote, that we'll be more likely to vote and really use our voice."

The high school students learned how to improve their quality of life through both political and non-political methods, like volunteering.

"I feel like everyone has concerns," said fellow Barbe senior Charles Vanchiere. "Some people don't care as much as others. I was asked to volunteer so when you do things that stand out, you get recognized so you can do more."

The students were challenged to understand quality of life issues and work out solutions. In our eyes, they are Hometown Heroes.

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