Local artist finalist for Nash Next 2016

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KVHP) - Brittany Pfantz, a local artist from DeRidder, is one of the best of the best in the nation. It's already been proven. She has been selected as one of the top ten national finalists in Cumulus Media's Nash Next Challenge 2016. It's a national search and talent development program for America's newest country star. She was the local winner representing Lake Charles and KYKZ 96 radio. Brittany will tell you her journey did not start out with glitz and glamor.

"I got a ukelele in December of 2012. I wasn't that great at first," said Pfantz. "You can ask my friends and family. I kept going and a few people encouraged me, saying I had a nice tone. I've always written poetry so I let that flow and I started feeling like this is what I wanted to do."

And then came a bit of adversity.

"I played saxophone in the band from sixth to eighth grade," she said. "Then I started worrying too much about what people thought about me."

Good thing she didn't listen to the naysayers. Wise beyond her years, Pfantz even taught herself a lesson from something she used to constantly ask herself.

"I remember specifically saying, 'I don't understand why musicians get paid so much,' " Brittany said. "Now I do. Now I understand. It's an art. It's a tough thing to do."

When asked what she wants for herself in the future, Brittany said, "I want to be singing ten years from now. That is what I want to do."

From Southwest Louisiana to the big stage in Nashville, Brittany is truly humbled by her recent success.

"I never thought that I could live out a dream like this, to be honest. Sometimes I just wake up and I ask myself what is going on," said Pfantz. "I'm doing what I actually truly love to do. I'm lucky."

It seems like Brittany is ready for the big stage.

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