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Consider This: Voting Counts

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Earlier this week we passed the deadline to register to vote in Louisiana for the November election. If you aren’t registered you won’t be able to take part in the decision for President, Louisiana’s Junior Senator, and Southwest Louisiana’s representative in the US House.

The bigger issue from my chair is not the number of people who are not registered, but the number of registered voters who will not show up on Nov. 8. Yes, we know that there are many people who simply don’t think that either of the major party candidates are acceptable. For the record, KPLC has no agenda in support of, or against, any candidate. Nor can we imagine any time where we would endorse a candidate. Those decisions are yours alone. We hope that you will be as informed as possible when you make that decision. When I think of the enormous battles fought to even have that right, first for the right to elect a ruler at all, and then later for groups of people excluded from voting to have the right, it seems to me that the only wasted vote is the one which is not cast.

While you no longer have time to register to vote in the upcoming election, if you are registered you still have plenty of time to commit to voting, and to decide how you will cast your vote.

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