CONSIDER THIS: Breast cancer awareness

CONSIDER THIS: Breast cancer awareness

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Real men do wear pink.

It's a theme for October as we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise funds to fight this devastating disease. When any kind cancer comes into the lives of our loved ones, it can change your perspective; it can change your heart.

It has changed mine. I'm thankful for the healing powers that people in my life have received. I'll continue to pray for those healing powers, because I do think thoughts and prayers count. They help. If you are one of those people on a journey fighting cancer right now, I send them for you also.

But we also have the opportunity to help in a different way. KPLC is proud to be a sponsor of the Ethel Precht Hope Breast Cancer Walk this weekend.

The money raised from this event goes to help breast cancer patients right here at home. We encourage you to support any breast cancer awareness project this month, and we hope you'll join us at the Lake Charles Civic Center this weekend for the Ethel Precht walk.

Our friends, neighbors, and family surviving or struggling with cancer should know that they are not walking alone - spiritually and literally.

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