CPSO finds suspect in trailer theft on Carl Lyons Road

CPSO finds suspect in trailer theft on Carl Lyons Road
(Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office has apprehended the suspect involved in trailer theft at a residence located on Carl Lyons Road in Carlyss.

The incident occurred around 12:50 p.m., Monday, Sept. 19, said Kim Myers, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. Deputies obtained video surveillance footage from the homeowner, which shows a red Dodge extended cab pickup truck pulling into the driveway. A middle-aged man wearing a blue shirt and jeans exits the truck, walks up to the residence and knocks on the door.  The man then proceeds to clip the lock and attached the trailer to the Dodge truck. The video footage shows the man leaving the residence with the trailer at approximately 1:00 p.m.

"When I saw the cinder block was still left in the driveway, I knew there was a problem," said the homeowner Stephen Vidrine

Vidrine came home from work to find the trailer gone, so he called his friend and the trailer's owner, Brandon Broussard, to ask if he had sent the man he saw on security footage to pick it up.

Broussard said he hadn't.

On the video, it shows the suspect checking to see if anyone is home before he took bolt cutters to the lock and hauled it away

"He knew what he was doing," said Broussard. "He just came up here and just got in and out really quick."

Broussard was distressed.

"My heart just sank just knowing that I just worked for that and he just drove up here and took it away like he owned it."

Broussard runs his own production company, Integrity Systems, and the trailer is used to transport all of his equipment and is a vital part of his business.

Vidrine and Broussard decided to share the footage on Facebook. 

"I just wanted a quick little bit to grab people's eyes and say 'Hey do you know this guy?' and get the word out as quick as possible and its proven to work I mean right now we're already at 5,000 views," said Vidrine.

Less than 12 hours later, Vidrine and Broussard got a message from the suspect's ex-wife saying his name was Scottie Bryan and the trailer was at his home.

The sheriff's office found the trailer and arrested Bryan on the scene.

Bryan was charged with theft $1,500 and booked into Calcasieu Correctional Center, with his bond still pending.

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